An Irish Invention

The Blade Saver, with its patented technology, is a unique device used to sharpen your razor blade in seconds!

The Blade Saver

Get your hands on one and start saving money TODAY!

Do you know that most people spend between €180 and €360 per year on replacement razor blades depending on personal usage and model of razor! Also, do you know that most razor blades only last for 6 good shaves; now with The Blade Saver you can use the same razor blade over and over again. Giving you that new blade feeling every time!

€9.99 EUR  
(Reduced From €15.00) 
Plus P&P 
(€1.90 Within Ireland & and €4.00 to the Rest of the world)

Replacement Head Kit

This is a replacement head unit for The Blade Saver, On average the head unit lasts approx. 12 months with average use. The Spare head cleaning kit includes one head, a brush & a file to keep leather head in tip top shape.

€3.00 EUR
(Reduced From €5.00)

Recent Testimonials

  • John

    Hi I'm trying to purchase two bladesavers, your website will not allow me to proceed with my purchase without first ticking a box agreeing to your company's terms and conditions. The problem is I cannot read the terms and conditions as they do not appear to be on the website for review, on most websites there is normally a hyperlink. Could it be the browser I'm using? I feel uncomfortable proceeding without knowing the terms and conditions I would be agreeing to first.
  • David C - Cork

    Great Money Saving Device!! Well worth the money!!
  • Ray M - Cork

    I bought the bladesaver 2 months ago and have been using the same razor since. It only takes a minute to re-sharpen the razor. It will have paid for itself in no time.
  • David M - Cork

    The Blade-Saver is a great tool for sharpening my Fusion blade every morning. I now get a full month from each Fusion blade. Less than 10 seconds on the Blade Saver gets my razor ready for another close shave the following morning - no rash, no stubble - just a good clean shave!
  • Siobhan Mulcahy - Perth, Australia

    I bought the blade saver online when I was home for Xmas. I gave it to my father as a present. He loved it so much that I bought one for myself. I use the Gillette Venus blades and am still on the same blade almost 2 months later. It still feels like new when I use it.
  • Richard Garvin - Boston Massachusetts

    The Bladesaver really does work. Its easy to use, takes seconds and saves me on those expensive blades. I would HIGHLY recommend it.
  • Cian Swanton - Douglas

    The BladeSaver is an effective, simple and clever way of saving money. At only €15 it is an unbelievably cheap price as I have now been using the same blade for 4 months!!! The blades feel sharper and better than a new one after using the BladeSaver! It is easy to use, has clear instructions and is very durable also. I would highly recommend this to anyone, it is hard to believe the amount of money you can save!
  • Keith Buckley - Limerick

    I got a present of a bladesaver for my birthday and find it great. It really does work and saves me money each time I use it.
  • Paddy Mulcahy - London

    I bought a bladesaver when I was home in Cork for Christmas. I travel quite a bit and needing to replace a blunt blade when staying in a hotel can be tricky at times. With the bladesaver I am never caught out now. Its like a new blade each time I use it.
  • Monica O'Byrne - Cork

    I bought this for my husband but ended up keeping it myself! I use the Bladesaver once a week on my blade no matter what and 3 months later I have not had to invest in a single blade. It makes me feel like I am doing something for the environment also. Thanks Bladesaver.
  • Giles Egan - Dublin 

    I received the Bladesaver as a Christmas gift from my wife. I have used BIC disposable razors for the last 20 years and I really cant believe how much more use I get from my blades using this product. The Bladesaver gets a thumbs up from me.
  • Bill O'Sullivan - Douglas 

    I have been using my Bladesaver for almost 2 months now and I am still using the same Gillette Fusion blade!! Thanks for making such a great product that saves me money guys.
  • Richard Gash - Sydney, Australia 

    I've got amazing reuse out of my Mach 3 razor since I got a present of the bladesaver sent to Oz 6 months ago. It's definitely been a great money saver. Thanks guys for making such a great product!
  • Jim Murphy -  Douglas Hall AFC - Cork

    It does exactly what is says on the Tin !! Great product !!
  • Mary Reilly - Co Cork 

    Excellent 5 out of 5!
  • Vincent O'Flynn - Cork 

    Still using the same blade!!
  • Ross Mac Carthaigh, Naas 

    Used my Blade Saver for the first time last night and works perfect. V Happy! Thanks for a great product.
  • Paddy O'Sullivan, Cork 

    Brilliant product, does exactly what it says on the package, still get a great shave from old blades made like new using the blade saver!!
  • John Sweeney, Cork 

     I thought it was a gimmick. I am saving so much money, I also bought one as a present for my son who is in the army and has to shave everyday.
  • Rory Lucey, Dublin Hill, Cork 

    It's simple and so easy to use and it works well and does what it says!
  • Laura Clarke- Cork 

    'I’ve been using the same two blades for nine months. It’s saved me a fortune. What’s more, I find that, by using Bladesaver, I get a closer, more comfortable shave than when I use a new blade.’
  • Donal Murphy - Cork 

    ‘Of course, Bladesaver saves me money, but it’s convenient too. I’m never stuck with a blunt razor in the morning. I simply use The Bladesaver. No more razor cuts, or grazed skin, just a clean comfortable shave every time.’
  • Eamonn Hayes - Cork 

    ‘It really works! I tried the blade saver out of curiosity to see if I could save money and couldn't believe the results Brilliant!’